Sequined Kurta's with Paisley's

GT430.JPG (306509 bytes)

Gauze Kurta with Embroidery

childtye.JPG (316396 bytes)

Children's with Tie Dye

CH430.JPG (313469 bytes)

Gauze Tie Dye with Sequins

   Our immense selection of fashionable Kurta's are just the thing for your store in the upcoming summer months.  Lose fitting, and light in a variety of pastel colors these are sure to fly off the racks in the summer months.  Each Kurta is made out of 100% Pure Cotton, Silk or Rayon and hand embroidered individually.  Just click any picture on the right for a closer look.

VK01.JPG (115015 bytes)

Voile Lightly Embroidered 

501.JPG (49812 bytes)

Unisex Kurta's

KK1130.JPG (51278 bytes)

MoirÉ Embroidered Kurta's

KK1040.JPG (62666 bytes)

Men's Long Kurta

KK1039.JPG (68872 bytes)

Men's Kurta with Collar

KK1014.JPG (39862 bytes)

Silk Kurta's

VK430.JPG (95505 bytes)

Embroidered with Sequins

502.JPG (55912 bytes)

Long Embroidered Kurta

KK1050.JPG (45546 bytes)

Collared Kurta with Pockets

KK1050A.JPG (38267 bytes)

Collared Kurta with pocket

CH431.JPG (28080 bytes)

Embroidered Gauze Kurta
KK1078.JPG (38739 bytes)

Slub Kurta

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